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Social Informatics Evolving.

Ovum retrieval procedure

Click Models for Web Search. Information Communication.

Challenging learning leads to long-term learning.

Social Media and Library Services. Analysis and Visualization of Citation Networks.

Measuring User Engagement. Information and Human Values. Multiculturalism and Information and Communication Technology. Designing for Digital Reading. Information Retrieval Models: Foundations and Relationships. The Answer Machine. Search User Interface Design.

Information Retrieval Evaluation. Estimating the Query Difficulty for Information Retrieval. Multimedia Information Retrieval. Online Multiplayer Games. Reading and Writing the Electronic Book.

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XML Retrieval. Faceted Search. New Concepts in Digital Reference. Quick search:.

What is retrieval practice?

This issue This series All series. Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services Lectures available online Lectures under development Order print copies Editor Gary Marchionini , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services publishes short books on topics pertaining to information science and applications of technology to information discovery, production, distribution, and management. O'Connor , Richard L.

Types of Memory

The more difficult the retrieval practice, the better it is for long-term learning. Struggling to learn — through the act of practicing what you know and recalling information — is much more effective than re-reading, taking notes, or listening to lectures. Slower, effortful retrieval leads to long-term learning.

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In contrast, fast, easy strategies only lead to short-term learning. Agarwal, Ph.

Free Practice Guides Research Reports. What is retrieval practice? Let's focus on getting information "out" of students' heads. Challenging learning leads to long-term learning.